Saturday, October 27, 2007

Z the I.G.

If you want an Italian Greyhound (aka I.G.) and want to get one from a rescue, forget about the Northeast, says the owner of Z the I.G., and head west, where big dogs are king and little ones plentiful. Z was scooped up from a I.G. rescue in Colorado and taken back to New York where she acquired this lovely cableknit sweater.

later, Z

Sophie, wee Pomeranian

According to The Good Book, aka Wikipedia:

Pomerania (Polish: Pomorze, German and Swedish: Pommern, Kashubian: Pòmòrze or Pòmòrskô, Latin: Pomerania or Pomorania) means "country by/next to/along the sea." The Polish name, "Pomorze," is literally "seacoast", referring to its proximity to the Baltic Sea.

I have heard that the people of Pomerania are (were, I suppose, since the country is no more...but perhaps people in that area still identify as such?) are every bit as social butterfly-ish as these little fluffernutters. But they are no doubt not as easy to transport.

Friday, October 26, 2007

wiener, bound for Marc Jacobs on Bleecker

Perhaps in search of some skinny jeans like his owner's, only with a shorter inseam.

West Village furry

This is Buba, though I'm not sure how to spell her name since her owner pronounced it "boo-bah" as in sis-boom-bah but then said "you know, like bubeleh" which, if we were being strict about it, would mean the dog's nickname should likely be prounounced "boo-buh" but anyway.

Boo-bah's owner pointed out the strong resemblance between dog and dog toy.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

wiener, Union Square

Jamieson, Union Square

Jamieson was enticed to pose at the Greenmarket not with a cookie, nor a bone, nor a pig's ear, but with some local, seasonal produce: a solitary brussel sprout, fresh off the stalk. So Alice Waters, Jamieson.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

2007 Cat Show

Muttropolitan Diary believes in coalition-building: in the lion laying down with the lamb, meat cozying up to milk, the pairing of checks and stripes and the coming together of cats and dogs. It is in this spirit that we bring you some images from the Cat Show at Madison Square Garden where the cats were fluffy and the even mildly allergic went home red-eyed and sneezy. Sadly, we missed the feline agility contests (new for 2007!) and saw far too few novelty sweaters. Try to ramp it up next year, ladies.

Cat Show II

Cat Show III

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rogue, Lower Fifth Ave.

Rogue's owner bought him from some kids on the boardwalk in Asbury Park who had found him as a stray. He has a magnetic goofyness; when I stopped to say hello, two other strangers followed suit.

Ruby, West 13th Street

The downtown shrink district is pretty rich with dogs and that is as it should be, if you axe me. After 45 minutes of speaking with a person about the intricacies of people it is a great relief to speak with a chien. This morning I encountered this snuffly Basset named Ruby and would have taken a picture of her brother Sammy if my camera battery hadn't konked.

Monday, October 8, 2007

shiba inu duo, sixth avenue

why are pairs of same-sort dogs so cute? Also it cannot be denied Shiba Inus have very cute hindquarters.

Fred of Angel Street

Muttropolitan Diary is committed to documenting the lives of dogs in retail, among other things. Wholesale we'll also accept. Frenchie Fred is owned by the manager at Angel Street on West 17th Street in Gay Chelsea. Not everyone's name is featured in a window display, Fred. Remember that. Now let go of my hand.

Cecille, in SoHo

Little itty bitty Cecille. I think her name was Cecille, at any rate. She was very licky. Those white feet to the right belong to her brother, Pinky. He was a little too pink around the eyes, if you ask me.